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What is Quality Anyway? Seafood

In my opinion, other than the ware wash chemical business, the fresh seafood business is the most deceptive industry out there. Having fresh seafood on your menu can be the most challenging food product category you have. I was the President of the Food Service division of a large Seafood processor / distributor. I only lasted 18 months. Once I saw the amount of bait and switch, I could not look myself in the mirror. The reality is that the FDA only regulates the seafood industry for safety. Unlike the USDA who not only monitors wholesomeness, it rates beef quality by grade. You know what you are getting. When a seafood operator finds that the market loves “snapper” it just makes names up. Years ago, “Snapper” was actually a species called American Gulf Red Snapper. It was over fished and at one time it was illegal to commercially fish in the Gulf. The closest legal species is called Drum. But the industry now has “Pacific Snapper” which is actually Rock Fish. It eats well but it is …